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On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 12:29 PM, Joe St Sauver <joe at oregon.uoregon.edu>wrote:

> I think that the Merit IPv6 darknet project was *very* important in helping
> to promote uptake of IPv6 in that it provides empirical evidence that the
> level of "background radiation" in IPv6 space isn't very high right now
> (roughly ~1Mbps), and what is there is typically the result of
> misconfiguration rather than malicious scanning (or at least that's what

This may be the case.    I support research,  BUT  using  solely methods
that do not involve  generating BGP announcements for aggregates   or
otherwise taking actions that might redirect any traffic covering address
space assigned to other organizations,  without  the express permission of
those organizations.

Moreover, given BGP route selection rules, I'm not particularly disturbed
> by the presence of that covering announcement: any more specific route
> should
> immediately be preferred to a broad covering route of the sort employed by
> the IPv6 darknet research effort.

Announcement of a broad covering route can cause unwanted traffic
Occassionally NSPs internally  use broad covering routes of their own,  and
 broad improper announcements can interfere with this.  Most popular is the
/0 route (default).

> I believe that ARIN acted properly in supporting this network research, and
> I'd be quite disappointed if ARIN (and other RIRs) discontinued support for
> research of this sort, particularly when carefully done by leading academic
> networking research organizations.

I would say it is appropriate for ARIN to support the network research.

But it is improper for ARIN to sign a LOA  for a  /12  covering an address
range in which assignments have already been made to other organizations,
without  express permission in writing from each registrant covered by the

> Regards,
> Joe St Sauver, Ph.D. (joe at oregon.uoregon.edu)
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