[arin-ppml] [arin-discuss] Term Limit Proposal

David Huberman David.Huberman at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 27 01:01:58 EDT 2014

John Curran wrote:

"If mandatory terms limits are desired for the ARIN Board of Trustees or ARIN AC,
it would be best to write up the specific suggestion and submit the ARIN consultation 
and suggestion process, as noted by John Springer. I will bring the proposal and 
results of the discussion of the proposal on the arin-consult mailing list to the ARIN 
Board of Trustees for their further consideration."

I apologize if I sound combative, but I strongly dislike this suggestion.  
John, when there is time, can staff please tell us:

- how many non-staff|non-board|non-AC|non-ASO/NRO|non-RIR subscribers 
are currently on arin-consult?

- how many individuals (same exclusions as above) have posted to the list in
the past 12 months?

I strongly suspect the true participation numbers for this pseudo-invisible
mailing list will be too low for any Bylaws change discussed exclusively 
there to meaningfully represent "bottoms-up participation".


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