[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2014-9: Resolve Conflict Between RSA and 8.2 Utilization Requirements

Richard J. Letts rjletts at uw.edu
Tue Mar 25 20:31:36 EDT 2014

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> On 3/21/14, 09:10 , Gary Buhrmaster wrote:
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> > Any M&A, or organization changes, have a cost regarding business
> > records, and it is incumbent on the organization to be prepared to pay
> > that cost for changes.  Updating ARIN records (and the cost of doing
> > so) is no different, and should not have a special "out" just because
> > it can be take time or the people involved did/do not want to invest
> > that effort.  The days of informal handshake number deals are (or
> > should be) long over.  Get over it, and do the (boring, painful, but
> > necessary) work.
> >
> > </soapbox>
> I very much agree, there is and almost certainly should be work involved.
> So, yes with any M&A, or other organization change, you should have to the
> "Business Office" part of documenting business records associated with the
> change.  The rationale for this "Business Office" part is clear.  Its
> necessary to prevent fraudulent changes to resources, and ARIN has a clear
> fiduciary responsibility to ensure this happens correctly.

I also agree that getting the ARIN records updated should be a cost of doing business during M&A activities; this is the sort of thing that should be able to be delegated to the finance/business officers and they should deal with whatever is necessary to preserve the assets of the organization. 

I find it frustrating when routing breaks that I can't find the right people to contact about it, and sadly IME it's not small companies that are the worst at this.

Richard Letts

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