[arin-ppml] Term Limit Proposal

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I second that….

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I would support this.

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Having been on the AC for a 6 years I support a term limit for the AC.

When on my 4th year I pursued creating a term limit.  At the time I was told this was an action the BOT would have to take.  No action was taken.  Later I inquired on this being submitted as policy since the BOT did not take action.  I was told it would be thrown out since it’s not a matter of policy.  Now with time and reviewing other public posts, I have more hope this will be taken seriously and something done.  I include this small history on my experience to show that the idea of term measures has been around for a  while but for some reason never gained traction.

I believe a balance between familiarity, hitting a productive stride, burn out and mind melting needs to be balanced out with fresh able minds.  I also believe a solid 3 year break is needed for people to re-integrate as a non-AC person and regroup.  Leaving anyone on a committee for more than 6 years opens the door to stagnation, burn out, and conformity of thinking.  Remember, just because someone is not on the AC any longer does not mean AC folks can’t get advice from them if desired.

I propose the following be used for AC:
-Keep the 3 year terms in place  and add
-a 6 year contiguous term limit
-a 3 year ineligibility year period after a term ends be it 3year or 6years
-After 3 year ineligibility is over a person my run for a position on the AC again.

I believe the BOT should also have some term measures and limits.  However, I am asking someone who has served on the BOT in the past to create a thought out term plan and propose it.

To keep this topic on track, I have purposely excluded the discussion of committee member candidate requirements.  This should be a separate topic that also needs discussion in order to better ensure community wide representation.

Marla Azinger
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