[arin-ppml] ARIN and the Evolution of the IANA Functions

Martin Hannigan hannigan at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 15:44:26 EDT 2014


What elected position in NANOG do you hold? I'm confused. I think it's
a big stretch claiming you also represent NANOG.

NANOG has a duly elected board that represents its members and may, or
may not, make statements on their behalf. Care to clarify?



On Sun, Mar 23, 2014 at 11:10 AM, Louie Lee <louie at louie.net> wrote:
> Dear Milton,
> I do have just a few things to add.  First, a correction.
> I was premature in stating that the numbering community will be represented
> on stage by Adiel & myself.  The session flow had not been finalized.
> Instead, Adiel and myself, along with other numbering community folks, will
> mostly sit with the rest of the ICANN community to listen to all the
> contributions that you and all others have on how such an IANA
> accountability transition might take place.  Each of us will also contribute
> only in our own capacities because substantial dialog in the communities
> have yet to take place.
> I believe that I was also premature in saying that Fadi will offer a
> draft....  The development of the proposal must be led by the community
> completely.  ICANN staff's role is to gather the input and facilitate dialog
> by documenting the input and summarizing it when appropriate.  You will hear
> tomorrow morning that the role of the staff and Board will be considerably
> different from they way that input is handled for typical topics.
> And finally, I apologize if you or anyone else believe that I don't think
> you also represent the numbering community in a less than significant way.
> While you & I might be contributing to this effort so far on your own
> behalves, you are also doing so as an elected member of the numbering
> community, which carries with it a recognition of your involvement and
> contribution thus far.
> See you tomorrow.  I look forward to hearing your input in this kickoff
> session.
> Yours,
> Louie
> On Mar 23, 2014, at 1:57 PM, Louie Lee <louie at louie.net> wrote:
> Tomorrow morning, you will see a proposal by ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé pitch a
> first draft of a way that the community can go about developing the
> accountability mechanisms that are required.  These mechanisms must be
> adopted by the community in a bottom-up, multistakeholder manner for them to
> be part of a viable proposal.
> For folks in North America, this will be Sunday evening/night.  Please join
> us:
> http://singapore49.icann.org/en/schedule/mon-globalization-advisory
> [snip]
> In addition, there are a number of RIR Board members and numbering community
> members here at the ICANN meeting ready to pitch in.  I am here not only as
> a member-elected representative of the ARIN and NANOG communities, but also
> as the Chair of the Address Council of the ICANN Address Supporting
> Organization.  You will find me next to an RIR CEO on stage tomorrow
> representing the numbering community reminding everyone what the 2nd "N" in
> ICANN stands for.
> We recognize that both the ICANN community and the numbering communities
> each have divergent views.  We will have an opportunity to demonstrate how
> our multistakeholder concepts are implemented in the RIR system, and how the
> RIR staffs and Boards are held accountable for their actions.  Perhaps the
> ICANN community can take the best features and make it work to "globalize"
> the accountability of IANA functions at ICANN.
> Yours,
> Louie Lee
> Chair
> ICANN ASO Address Council
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