[arin-ppml] What would the proper method be for reporting bad rwhois referrers?

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Thu Mar 13 12:29:34 EDT 2014

On Mar 11, 2014, at 11:23 AM, Michael Peddemors <michael at linuxmagic.com> wrote:

> We see that many ARIN allocated blocks seem to have referral whois servers listed at ARIN for their net blocks, but the listing is not accurate/not functioning..
> Eg, the example below..
> What would the ARIN recommended practice be for reporting these cases?

Michael - 
   This information can be reported to ARIN by a message to <hostmaster at arin.net>,
   or reported via "Ask ARIN" in ARIN Online.

   Either way, ARIN staff will then contact the ISP and ask them to update their
   RWhois referral data.


John Curran
President and CEO

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