[arin-ppml] Potentially credible v4 number pricing data

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Wed Mar 5 14:05:53 EST 2014

> Jeffrey Lyon wrote :
> It is easy to obtain small allocations from ARIN (for now) but quite
> difficult to find contiguous space in the much shorter prefixes.
> These are the ones that would have market value.

You'll have to adapt, the million prefixes routing table is coming. Not
everyone is unhappy about it: the guys who write scripts, the TCAM
manufacturers, the router vendors and everyone in their ecosystem sees
that as a new business opportunity.

For what I understand of your business, you must have scripts all over
the place already, so it's just a matter of adapting them to deal with
multiple prefix use, right :P


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