[arin-ppml] Potentially credible v4 number pricing data

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Tue Mar 4 13:33:02 EST 2014


> Jeffrey Lyon wrote :
> I personally disagree that smaller assignments have market value.

We don't disagree much. Put it in context: it was a large scale
production talk where a /20 is a toy, and the point I was trying to make
then is that there is not much of a speculation market.

For that audience who turns out to have deep pockets, it would indeed
make sense to pay MORE per IP to have a short, contiguous prefix rather
than a boatload of scattered /24s from all over the swamp.

My personal view is that it's still a market where cold heads prevails
and buyers are coming to it with a specific need, purpose or project.
The Microsoft / Nortel deal has set the baseline price at $10 a pop, and
more or less market fluctuations and other factors this is what we are
still seeing.

That being said, it's a new market, with a very large FUD potential.
Some people out there are getting excited about the idea of buying a
/16, carving it up into /24s to resell / lease, and making a buck out of
it. These wheeler-dealers don't understand the value of a large
allocation, they think retail where one buys bulk and packages it small.
I don't see that happening, but never say never.


>> Michel Py wrote :
>> About 6 weeks ago, I came up with the following:
>> +--------+-------+--------+-------+
>> ! Prefix !  #IPs ! Per IP !  Cost !
>> +--------+-------+--------+-------+
>> !    /16 ! 65536 !    $10 ! $655K !
>> !    /18 ! 16384 !    $12 ! $196K !
>> !    /20 !  4096 !    $15 !  $61K !
>> !    /22 !  1024 !    $22 !  $22K !
>> +--------+-------+--------+-------+
>> My files here: http://ipvii.com/

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