[arin-ppml] About needs basis in 8.3 transfers

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Thu Jun 12 07:50:34 EDT 2014

Gary and Bill,

On Jun 12, 2014, at 6:37 AM, Bill Darte <billdarte at gmail.com> wrote:

> Gary said...
>> "need" is not the same as "want" (see the
>> $10K red button app that was offered for
>> awhile; can anyone explain why anyone
>> would "need" it).  And while some may
>> exchange money for only "want"s, those
>> that can demonstrate "need" can get those
>> transfers approved today and have the
>> registry updated today.  Only the "wants"
>> are having a hard time.  And, in my opinion,
>> that is as it should be.
> big +1

While I consider the angst associated with speculators (or whoever) buying up all the address space overblown (hint: it would merely shorten the already short time horizon of when IPv4 addresses are no longer practically available), the issue I'm most concerned with is "and have the registry updated today."

I do not believe given sufficient "want" and money that the lack of updating the registry would sufficient deterrent to preclude a "transfer" from occurring.  The end result being that the address space is no longer traceable after the transfer.

Use of the registry database for policy enforcement is not supportive of the primary reason for the existence of the registry system (there is a reason it's called a "registry").  It is also self-defeating.  Get enough folks doing "transfers" outside of registry database and the database is no longer meaningful.

I would have no issue with using other tools at ARIN's disposal for policy enforcement, e.g., removing reverse delegations, marking entries in the database as "out of policy" and letting ISPs decide for themselves whether to accept a prefix for routing, invoking contractual penalties, etc. 


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