[arin-ppml] About needs basis in 8.3 transfers

Bill Woodcock woody at pch.net
Wed Jun 4 23:58:01 EDT 2014

>>> The ARIN CEO, ARIN's General Counsel, the Harvard economist ARIN pays,
>>> professors who study markets, brokers who operate in the market, and
>>> buyers and sellers who buy and sell in the market have all told the
>>> ARIN community the same story for around 5 years now: the market is
>>> going to act as a market, and ARIN policy needs to be ready for it;
>>> ARIN policy needs to make sense with the dynamics of the market.
>> In addition to internet number resources, there are also 'markets' in
>> drugs, stolen cars, ivory, endangered species, and human slaves.
> You can not compare the IPv4 market to the 'human slaves market'. One is
> legal, the other one is not.

You're making your opponent’s point for him.  Which is easy to do, since it’s correct.

The difference between a legal market and an illegal market is not that one is a market and the other is not, nor that one is natural and the other unnatural; it’s that society has deemed one to be in the common good and the other detrimental.  

One of ARIN’s key functions is to enable private-sector self-regulation of detrimental behaviors within the Internet number space in the ARIN region, so that legislators won’t see a need to step in and do a half-assed job of it for us.  In order to do that, we need to behave like adults.  We need to uphold our stated goals of stewardship and conservation and we need to ensure the rights of the minority and new-market-entrants.

Your argument that ARIN needs to step out of the way of the human slaves market, recognize its validity, and duly record the transfers of those slaves, because Ayn Rand, is idiotic.  And if you think that’s not what you just said, you need to step back and reflect a little before touching your keyboard.

We self-regulate, rather than wallowing in the trough of self-indulgence, because we are (speaking collectively and aspirationally, at least) adults.  As such, we don’t want our power to self-regulate removed.


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