[arin-ppml] About needs basis in 8.3 transfers

Elvis Velea elvis at velea.eu
Wed Jun 4 23:07:21 EDT 2014

Hi David,
On 05/06/14 04:59, David Miller wrote:
> On 6/4/2014 10:41 PM, Elvis Velea wrote:
>> Hi Cathy,
>> On 05/06/14 04:31, CJ Aronson wrote:
>>> Let's be clear.. the RIPE NCC will only give a one-time /22 for your
>>> 1600 Euros/year.   RIPE has always made applicants prove a business
>>> presense in the region and I believe that's what the
>>> "
>>>   *
>>>      The name of the "Chamber of Commerce" where your company is registered
>>>       o
>>>          For example, Companies House, KvK etc."
>>> Is referring to.  The link is here for your reference:
>>> http://www.ripe.net/lir-services/member-support/become-a-member/application
>> RIPE NCC does not require it's members to be registered in the RIPE
>> region. You can have a look at their members list if you need proof. You
>> will see lots of companies registered everywhere. Here is their link for
>> companies that say they offer services in the US:
>> https://www.ripe.net/membership/indices/US.html
> On that list you will find my company.  To get our allocation from RIPE
> we had to demonstrate a presence in the EU
how did you demonstrate the presence in the EU?
> and assert that those
> resources allocated to us from RIPE would only be used within the
> RIPE region.  Note the text "<Registry Based in EU>" (and other more
> specific EU regions).
only is the wrong word. RIPE NCC does not require the IPs it allocates 
to be used *only* in the region.

I would, instead, use the word *some*. Some of the IPs may need to be 
used within the RIPE region. I can have a router and a few devices 
collocated in an IX in Europe and would still qualify to receive IP 
addresses from the RIPE NCC. Once a member, what is stopping me from 
receiving a transfer?


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