[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2014-17: Change Utilization Requirements from last-allocation to total-aggregate

Andrew Dul andrew.dul at quark.net
Mon Jun 9 19:13:02 EDT 2014


Thank you to those of you who were able to participate at the PPC last
week at NANOG.  Below are some thoughts based on the feedback I heard.

I heard some support for this policy with the caveat that this policy
would allow some organizations to apply for address space sooner.  Some
postulated that the downside to this policy would be short and likely
small for the remainder of the free pool, but it would also make it
easier to qualify for transfer space sooner on the transfer market.

I heard that this policy shouldn't impact organizations which currently
use the MDN 4.5 policies and that the current MDN policy does not have
the same issue as it uses a 80% per site metric to meet utilization

The other issue which is related to this draft that I heard at the PPC
was that ARIN in the past year or so updated its operational practice to
more closely follow the current policy of " efficiently utilized all
previous allocations" ( and this is also making harder for some
organizations to meet utilization guidelines at the time of request for
additional space.  Do other organizations also believe the new
operational practice is an issue and the policy should be changed?

As I stated at the PPC, so far I've seen a little support for this and
some opposition for this proposal, but at this point not enough to move
it forward to a recommended policy based on the current feedback.  If
you support this policy, please post your support to the mailing-list
otherwise as the policy shepherd I will likely be recommending that the
AC abandon this draft at a future AC meeting.

Thanks for your input,

On 5/16/2014 1:21 PM, ARIN wrote:
> ## * ##
> Draft Policy ARIN-2014-17
> Change Utilization Requirements from last-allocation to total-aggregate
> Date: 16 May 2014
> Problem Statement:
> Utilization requirements for new requests is being calculated on a per
> allocation basis rather than in aggregate. For example, if an
> organization has 4 x /22 and 3 of them are utilized 100% and the
> fourth utilized at 75%, that request would be denied. This is a bit
> out of balance as an organization with a single /20 utilized at 80%
> would have less efficient utilization but would be eligible to request
> additional space.
> Policy statement:
> Section Change text to read: "ISPs must have efficiently
> utilized all previous allocations, in aggregate, to at least 80% in
> order to receive additional space. This includes all space reassigned
> to their customers. Please note that until your prior utilization is
> verified to meet the 80% requirement, ARIN can neither process nor
> approve a request for additional addresses."
> Section Change text to read: "End-users must have efficiently
> utilized all previous assignments, in aggregate, to at least 80% in
> order to receive additional space, and must provide ARIN with
> utilization details. The prefix size for an additional assignment is
> determined by applying the policies found in Section 4.3 of the NRPM."
> Comments:
> a. Timetable for implementation: Immediate, possibly through board
> action.
> b. Per originator, This does not currently extend into MDN (aka
> 4.5.4), and I'm not really sure how to reconcile it against 4.5.5, but
> OP expressed some concern that there may be undue restrictions there.
> It might be better served by a separate proposal.
> c. There should probably also be an attempt to clean up the language
> between and, as they're both currently very clunky.

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