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Steven Ryerse SRyerse at eclipse-networks.com
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I've said this before, but this proposal might help an Org that only needs a /24 but I think it will hurt an Org that needs a /20 or a /22 as the needs test that are applied will force them into qualifying for the /24 but not the /20 or /22 they legitimately need.  Orgs that legitimately need a slightly larger allocation because of the gyrations they must go thru to try and justify a larger allocation, will end up not qualifying even though they have a legitimate need.  The solution here is to completely remove the needs tests at the low end and not just on a /24.   Proposal like 2014-13 are just dancing around the problem instead of trying to legitimately fix it.  

Small Organizations are very much under-represented in this Community and therefore their reasonable interests go under-represented.  I do appreciate you asking Gary but I don't see the needs of small Organizations truly represented in this Community.  

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> You are entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine.

Absolutely, but you have been unable to articulate a compelling scenario as to how this will negatively impact the region and the members who request numbers.  If you would share the specific example of how being able to get a /24 (whereas before they would qualify for nothing having too small of a justified need) will end up hurting the community, you need to share.  We are not mind readers (well, at least I am not, I can not speak to any psychic abilities that others that participate on this list may claim to have).  Thanks.

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