[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2014-17: Change Utilization Requirements from last-allocation to total-aggregate - revised

Michael Peddemors michael at linuxmagic.com
Thu Jul 17 20:42:41 EDT 2014

On 14-07-17 05:13 PM, Owen DeLong wrote:
> Asked and answered earlier in the thread, but I will give it a shot...
> If you have a collection of smaller blocks, it is much harder to get to 80% utilization in each one while still preserving contiguous free space to accommodate a larger-than-normal customer or a surge in customers. For example, if you have 3 /22s and have utilized all but a /26, three discontiguous /27s, and a two discontiguous /28s and a couple of /29s of the last one and all but a /29 of each of the other two and you have a customer come in who needs a /24, you're stuck. You need to find some other customer with a smaller need or some valid utilization for a small block or two in order to reach your 80% utilization on that last block.
> OTOH, if you look at your overall situation, you're well past 80% overall.
> This is not an uncommon scenario (in various forms) for small providers. The rules as they exist were written with minimum allocations of /20 and larger in mind at the time and smaller organizations mostly did not receive space directly from ARIN.

Thanks Owen,

And I guess maybe that helps define where you and me differ on this, 
this again seems to represent the scenario of a 'hoster' who ends up 
'renting' out his IP(s) to other parties.

I have to make an assumption that this is a lot rarer than you think, 
those entities get larger space.

And where I have concern is for the small service operators who need 
that /24/23/22/21/20 for their own operations or business models or 
cloud services, but don't want to be beholding to any provider and want 
to 'own' their own IP Space.

These are the ones that I think may suffer here, and they don't usually 
have a voice here.. and I am being a bit altruistic possibly, but I find 
it hard to support ideas which make things easier for those who want the 
'real estate' value vs the end users of IP space.

End users you can be sure will fill all the 'nooks and crannies' of 
their total space.  And while your test case may not seem bad, when you 
look at those with /16/15/14/13../8 Those 'nooks and crannies' become 
large swathes that should be used up before they get more as we run low.

The current policy helps to ensure that all the delegated space gets 
used first.. before giving an incumbant more .. again IMHO

My two cents..

I want to see more full utilization before running out, (in the absense 
of ways and methods of 'stewardship' and priority on the types and 
validity of usage.) as a better chance that people in the future can 
still get some from ARIN for longer.

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