[arin-ppml] LAST CALL: Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2014-12: Anti-hijack Policy

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu Jul 10 18:24:38 EDT 2014

I want to remind everyone that Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2014-12: 
Anti-hijack Policy is in Extended Last Call through July 15th, 2014.  
Changes were made to the text after the ARIN Advisory Council advanced 
it to Recommended Draft policy and after it was presented at the PPC at 
NANOG 61, based on community feedback on PPML.  It is particularly 
important that anyone who objects to these changes speak up now, before 
the end of the Extended Last Call period.

Up to this point, based on the support expressed and the lack of any 
objection, I intend to recommend to the full AC we advance this policy 
to the Board for adoption.  Therefore, if there are any objections out 
there, please raise them ASAP and before July 15th at the latest.

Again, the changes made are detailed below.

Thanks, and I wish you a beautiful summer weekend.

On 6/24/14, 16:42 , David Farmer wrote:
> To help additionally highlight the changes to the Policy Text since 
> the 15 May 2014 version that the AC recommended; I'm including this 
> HTMLized red-lined version of the Last Call Policy Text below.  Only 
> the changes since the 15 May 2014 version that the AC recommended are 
> being highlighted.  As stated these changes are considered editorial 
> in nature and are not intended to change the intent or meaning of the 
> policy, only clarify the original intent. The red text has been added 
> and red text with a strike-through has been deleted.
> ---
> 11.7 Resource Allocation Guidelines
> The Numbering Resources requested come from the global Internet 
> Resource space, do not overlap currently assigned space, and are not 
> from private or other non-routable Internet Resource space. The 
> allocation size should shall be consistent with the existing ARIN 
> minimum allocation sizes, unless smaller allocations are intended to 
> be explicitly part of the experiment. If an organization requires more 
> resources than stipulated by the minimum allocation sizes in force at 
> the time of their its request, their experimental documentation 
> shouldhave the request must clearly described and justified justify 
> why this a larger allocation is required.
> All research allocations must be registered publicly in whois. Each 
> research allocation will be designated as a research allocation with a 
> comment indicating when the allocation will end.
> ---
> If you are not using a HTML compatible email client then please refer 
> to the clean text included in the original Last Call email, it will be 
> difficult to interpret the above text without a HTML compatible email 
> client.
> Thanks.

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