[arin-ppml] NRPM Policies 4.6 and 4.7 Suspended by ARIN Board

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Thu Jan 23 13:32:58 EST 2014

On 23-Jan-14 09:59, Steven Ryerse wrote:
> I would like to take this opportunity to point out that this is a
> glaring example of where the ARIN Board of Directors is acting to make
> a policy change without consulting this community before taking action
> concerning the policy(s).  

Nit: Board of Trustees, not Directors.

The Board members are part of the community, and one of their
responsibilities is to take action on behalf of the community when there
is an urgent problem--and then hand it back to the rest of us for a more
complete response as soon as circumstances permit.  We entrust them with
rather expansive authority because it's necessary to fulfill that

> I would also point out that this action by the ARIN Board pretty much
> deflates the argument that ARIN’s role is only to implement and
> facilitate community-based Internet self-governance that I’ve seen
> argued in this forum and in the press by John Curran and others.  It
> is to the ARIN Board & Management’s credit that they do solicit this
> community’s input on most policy changes.  However, I think it is
> important that this community fully understand that they have chosen
> to solicit input on policy decisions but are not required to follow it. 

ARIN Staff is obligated to follow whatever policies the ARIN Board
adopts, and Staff's role in the policy-making process is limited to
advice and facilitation.

You are correct that the ARIN Board isn't obligated to listen to input;
if they had a record of abusing their discretion, though, it would be
our responsibility to replace them.


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