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On Feb 23, 2014, at 11:50 AM, Rudolph Daniel <rudi.daniel at gmail.com<mailto:rudi.daniel at gmail.com>> wrote:

This may seem a stupid question, but since we now want to accept that accuracy is a principle task of registries, what measure are we to use as an acceptable measure of an accurate 'whois' or at the macro level, ' an accurate registry service' ?......% of legacy holders participating on the registry?

It's actually a fairly complicated question, since there are many legacy holder who already
participate in the registry and update their resources (e.g. abuse contact, DNS servers)
without any formal contractual relationship with ARIN.  In any case, individual legacy holders
are unlikely to be the major contributor of inaccuracy in the registry when compared to those
parties who fail to update the registry with their reassignment information (despite the
requirement to do so per NRPM

We do know that many folks are quite good about making updates before they request
more IPv4 space, but that's unlikely to be a significant motivator for much longer...


John Curran
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