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Submitted here:


I believe that we need to make a few more changes before the AC meeting to insure that all of the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. I didn't realize that ARIN no longer posts notice that a proposal has been submitted.

In rummaging through the new PDP as a result, I see a few things are different. It looks like Part 2 is relevant for submissions and getting to the "evaluation" stage which I would believe to be at the next scheduled AC call?

Up until then, it also appears that  Part Two Section 1 "The assigned AC members and ARIN staff will work with the originator as described below to prepare the Policy Proposal for evaluation by the AC." is a catch all to insure that there are no problems in reaching Part Two Section 2, unless of course the author of a proposal doesn't respond to the shepherds.

There are some other slightly confusing process in the PDP around problem statements, existing policy and the like which I imagine are determined to exist or not exist through the process in Part Two Section1 is carried out.

John? Do I have the process correct?

At a high-level, a policy proposal remains such until the AC confirms that it is
within scope of the Policy Development Process and contains a clear statement
of the problem and suggested changes to number resource policy text to address
the problem.

Policy proposals that are determined by the AC to lack clarity are remanded back
to the originator along with an explanation of the areas needing improvements in
clarity. The proposal originator revises the Policy Proposal based on the feedback
received, and again offers the revised Policy Proposal for evaluation by the AC.

Once the policy proposal is clear and in scope, then it gets posted to the PPML
as a Draft Policy (policy proposals that have not been accepted as a Draft Policy
after 60 days may also be petitioned to Draft Policy status)

Top priority at this point is a clear in-scope problem statement and suggested
changes to existing policy text.   I will note that the policy development process
is used for number resource policy and not ARIN business practices or services;
the latter should be submitted to the ARIN consultation and suggestion process
as they come under the fiduciary responsibilities of the ARIN Board of Trustees.


John Curran
President and CEO

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