[arin-ppml] FYI -- RIPE-605 Services to Legacy InternetResource Holders

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> However, to be honest, I'm not that interested in playing the ancient history game -- I find the whole exercise pointless and boring. I am, however, interested in what policy changes you believe it will take to get ARIN to accurately reflect reality in its registry database. What's it going to take?

I have been attempting to follow up on your suggestion to poll the
community, but we seem to have reached an impasse because ARIN is
keeping the registry accurate and your formulation would suggest
otherwise. Hence, my attempt at a more balanced phrasing, i.e. that
we should "survey the ARIN community regarding the prioritization of
needs-based transfers vs operational usefulness of registry data."
If we can come up with acceptable language, we'll figure out how to
poll the ARIN community on this topic.

How about polling resource holders instead? A much larger audience.

It's possible, although we also need to always use caution when reaching
out via the Whois contact information, since there is significant variation in
what folks think of as "spam", even if related to the registry itself.

One possibility is to poll 'known' resource holders; this is a community which
is greater than ARIN Members, in that it includes those who have an ARIN
online account for managing their resources (note that legacy address holders
can get such accounts and update contact info without entry into an RSA/LRSA)

In this manner, we can be certain to get an actual known population, but still
making it possible for any resource holder to participate.


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