[arin-ppml] FYI -- RIPE-605 Services to Legacy InternetResource Holders

Lee Dilkie lee at dilkie.com
Wed Feb 12 13:32:30 EST 2014

On 2/12/2014 1:13 PM, John Curran wrote:
> Alas, your very clear formulation won't be very informative, 
> since the registry is accurate even after a denied transfer
> (just as occurs with denied transfer of an auto or property
> with it doesn't meet those registry requirements - the fact
> that you've driving it around doesn't actually make it yours)

it does matter if there was no official transfer and a bank robbery is
committed with your car. (and for the sake of fun, you died a year
before the crime)

The authorities very much DO want to know where to look and would like
to have accurate registration records... "Accurate" in this case can be
construed as "reflecting reality".

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