[arin-ppml] support for 2014-1 (out of region use)

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Mon Feb 10 12:55:18 EST 2014

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>> So are you in favor of or opposed to 2014-1

Andrew S.:
>I'm opposed to it, because I just don't buy that it will actually solve 
>any problem.  The existing policy neither forbids nor denies out of 
>region use.  This proposal tries to codify things, but I don't see why that's necessary.
> In other words, I guess I don't really believe the problem statement.
> I suppose if I did, 2014-1 is all right.  

Color me confused. Wearing my AC shepherd hat, and trying to keep track of opposition/support for this proposal, I saw you "agree very strongly" with David Farmer's assertion that 

> As the problem statement says, I think the real problem is that policy 
> is ambiguous on the subject of out of region use.  Which means there 
> are some in the community that think out of region use is outside the 
> rules, as you seem to think.  Then others think it is perfectly normal 
> and has always been allowed, because its never been disallowed in 
> policy.  I think we need to clarify that out of region use was always 
> intended to be allowed by policy.

Let me repeat Scott's question in a different way: David Farmer says "we need to clarify that our of region use was always intended to be allowed by policy" and you agreed very strongly with him, and 2014-1 does that. Are you still maintaining that you are opposed to 2014-1? 

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