[arin-ppml] Qualifications to receive resources (was: support for 2014-1 (out of region use))

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Mon Feb 10 12:40:47 EST 2014

On 2/10/14, 08:32 , Jeffrey Lyon wrote:
> We should be able to use ARIN space out of region so long as we have a
> primary nexus in the ARIN region.
> Thanks, Jeff


We need to think about who should be eligible to receive resources from 
ARIN, and what that nexus should be to receive resources.

I think there are two part to the nexus;

1. Legal Presence - current operational practice is legally formed 
within the region.

2. Technical/Operational Presence - this is not currently well defined 
in policy or operational practice.

But, I'll note we currently have initial allocation policies that you 
need to meet in order to qualify to receive an allocation.  What if we 
constrained these initial allocation requirements to be from within the 
ARIN region?

This would define a minimum Technical/Operational Presence needed within 
the region, that is the same amount within the region, for both ARIN 
region only networks and trans-regional networks.

Currently, trans-regional networks have a theoretical advantage over 
ARIN region only networks, the trans-regional networks can qualify to 
get resources with a smaller or no foot print within the region.

This change seems like a reasonably fair way to ensue everyone getting 
resources from ARIN qualifies to receive resources using the same 
resource footprint within the ARIN Region.  Essentially, out of region 
need can only be considered for a larger than minimum initial allocation 
or for subsequent allocations.

You could maybe even require that the minimum allocation must be support 
by in region need and out of region need can only be considered for a 
larger than minimum allocation for initial or subsequent allocations. 
This would ensure there is some minimum need within the ARIN region for 
all allocations.  I'm my opinion, this is consistent with the idea that 
ARIN's primary role is allocating resources for use within the ARIN 
region, but there is still a secondary role for allocating resources for 
out of region use as well.

What do people think of these concepts?

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