[arin-ppml] support for 2014-1 (out of region use)

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Sun Feb 9 14:07:49 EST 2014

On 2/7/14, 4:01 PM, William Herrin wrote:
> ...You don't fall in to part B until your 10,000 employee US-based 
> company wants to network its 50-person offices in Tokyo, Paris and 
> Cairo. Or the thousand-person office in London to which ARIN should 
> say, "Whoa! Time you talked to RIPE." Regards, Bill Herrin 

And if the 1000-person office in London has no local egress to the 
Internet and is instead getting all connectivity over the circuit they 
have going back to HQ in Virginia, the company in Virginia should be 
going to RIPE and getting a second block of address space (instead of 
using a larger aggregate that it received from ARIN that it can 
advertise as a single route) for the London office why, exactly?

It can't possibly be for some technical reason, and we know that the 
RIRs were set up to make things easier, not to hoard addresses within 
certain regions, so what is it that makes going to RIPE the right answer 
in this case?

Matthew Kaufman

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