[arin-ppml] support for 2014-1 (out of region use)

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Fri Feb 7 16:34:56 EST 2014


>Thank you, Milton, for bringing this thread up.

Likewise, happy to see you commenting on this draft policy. 

While couched as opposition your post agrees with the problem statement that "Earlier work on this issue has explored several options to restrict or otherwise limit out of region use. None of these options have gained consensus within the community." So there is no basis for opposition there. 

I would conclude, however, that you do _not_ agree with the problem statement that "Current policy neither clearly forbids nor clearly permits out of region use of ARIN registered resources." You seem to believe that it is already permitted, which makes the proposal a no-op. Is that right?

>I want NRPM to be brief, concise, and prescriptive.  
>"You qualify by doing X.  You don't qualify because of Y. You must show A, B, C." 

In my view, the key sections of 2014-1 meet those criteria. Section X says "ARIN registered resources may be used outside the ARIN service region and such use is valid justification for additional resources." Sections X.2, X.3 and X.4 establish clear, unambigious definitions of what is not considered to be out of region use for the purposes of the policy. 

Your second argument is that the staff already has all the tools it needs to do what is in section X.1. This is not something the staff report said to us in its assessment, however, so I would discount that. 

You main argument, therefore is that "out-of-region requestors [are] abusing the policies" and  "we need to draft text that significantly and materially helps ARIN staff fight fraud from out-of-region requestors." Apparently you think the authorization to engage external entities to help with verification does not address that. Can you explain why? 

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