[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2014-7: Section 4.4 Micro Allocation Conservation Update

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu Feb 6 11:36:03 EST 2014

On 2/5/14, 17:36 , Andrew Dul wrote:
> Hello,
> This draft policy will be discussed next week at the nanog PPC, in
> addition we welcome feedback on this draft on PPML.  Specifically if you
> could comment on the following two points it would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Andrew
> Does the community support raising the minimum requirement for IXPs from
> 2 to 3?

I support the change from a two participants to a three participant 
standard to qualify as an Internet Exchange Point (IXP).

To date the risk created by allowing the minimum of two participates for 
an IXP has been extremely low, as the motivation for abuse was also 
extremely low.  However, as we proceed through run-out of the general 
IPv4 free pool the motivations for abuse will increase dramatically. 
Raising the standard to three participants to qualify as an IXP seems 
like a prudent precaution to ensure that the reservation for IXPs, and 
other critical infrastructure that was made in ARIN-2011-4, is protected 
to ensure availability of resources for legitimate IXPs in the future.

There will be some impact on the start-up of some IXPs, this is 
unfortunate.  However, the three participant standard is not completely 
unreasonable, given the potential for increased abuse of the two 
participant standard.

> Does the community believe that additional clarity is needed to define
> if an IXP uses the end-user or ISP fee schedule?

I believe both the old language and the new language regarding this 
issue should be stricken, this is an ARIN business issue, not a policy 
issue.  I have no problem with such a recommendation being included in 
the comments section, outside the policy text itself.  I support the 
general concept it represents, but it is just not a policy issue in my 


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