[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2014-21: Modification to CI Pool Size per Section 4.4

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Mon Dec 29 16:17:54 EST 2014

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On 12/26/14, 13:29 , Martin Hannigan wrote:

> I checked. You're right. You can't find the discussions. I'll ask the
> web team to make sure mailing list archives are easily findable on the
> website. Mea culpa, that's an oversight. We're growing rapidly and
> missed that unintentionally. In the meantime, this should work
> http://mailman.open-ix.org/pipermail/public/
> Hope that was helpful. Questions offline or --> over there at OIX.
> Best,
> Martin Hannigan (marty at open-ix.org <mailto:marty at open-ix.org>)
> Open-IX Association/Treasurer

Thank you for proving the pointer to the OIX archives.  I have review 
the discussion related to this policy and personally found it helpful 
and informative.

However, as John Curran stated "the tabulation of messages in support 
and opposition will reflect solely the PPML discussion counts", 
therefore; so I currently see 2 clear statements of support, no 
opposition, a proposal to modify the policy text, primarily consisting 
of editorial changes for the broader section 4.4, and side discussions 
not directly related to the policy itself.

As shepherd, in order to justify recommending to the AC that we move 
this policy forward to Recommended Draft policy prior to the PPC at 
NANOG in San Antonio, I will need to see more support for this policy on 
PPML.  Otherwise, without clear additional support on PPML, I anticipate 
this policy going to the PPC in San Antonio in February in its current 
state as a Draft policy.  Then subsequent to and based on feedback from 
San Antonio advancing this policy to Recommended Draft policy prior to 
the PPM in San Francisco in April.

So if you support this policy, and particularly if you think this policy 
should go to the PPC at NANOG in San Antonio in February as Recommended 
Draft policy please speak up ASAP.


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