[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2014-21: Modification to CI Pool Size per Section 4.4

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Mon Dec 29 15:24:19 EST 2014

Thank you Andrew,

I believe your proposed text is consistent with the problem statement of 
this policy, and provides additional editorial clean up of Section 4.4 
that at least in my opinion provides additional clarity.

How do others feel about this proposed text?  Should we go forward with 
this text?


On 12/26/14, 11:43 , Andrew Dul wrote:
> David,
> I'd like to propose the following rewrite of this section as replacement
> text for ARIN-2014-21.  I believe this rewrite deals with the clarity
> issues that you have noted.  I believe this rewrite does not change
> operational practice (other than the /15 replacing the current /16), but
> provides some needed clarity in this section from multiple amendments
> over the years.
> ================
> *4.4. Micro-allocation*
> ARIN will make IPv4 micro-allocations to critical infrastructure
> providers of the Internet, including public exchange points, core DNS
> service providers (e.g. ICANN-sanctioned root and ccTLD operators) as
> well as the RIRs and IANA.
> These allocations will be no smaller than a /24. Multiple allocations
> may be granted when operational need can be documented.
> ARIN will place an equivalent of a /15 of IPv4 address space in a
> permanent reserve for micro-allocations and shall use sparse allocations
> practices where applicable.
> *4.4.1 Internet Exchange Points*
> Exchange point allocations MUST be allocated from specific blocks
> reserved only for this purpose. All other micro-allocations WILL be
> allocated out of other blocks reserved for micro-allocation purposes.
> ARIN will make a list of these blocks publicly available.
> Exchange point operators must provide justification for the allocation,
> including: connection policy, location, other participants (minimum of
> three total), ASN, and contact information. This policy does not
> preclude exchange point operators from requesting address space under
> other policies.
> *4.4.2 gTLD Allocations*
> ICANN-sanctioned gTLD operators may justify up to the equivalent of an
> IPv4 /23 block for each authorized new gTLD, allocated from the free
> pool or received via transfer, but not from the blocks reserved in
> section 4.4. This limit of a /23 equivalent per gTLD does not apply to
> gTLD allocations made under previous policy.
> *4.4.3 Other Critical Infrastructure*
> Other critical infrastructure, such as ICANN-sanctioned root and ccTLD
> operators, as well as the RIRs and IANA, may receive allocations from
> ARIN, when operational need can be demonstrated.
> ================

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