[arin-ppml] Internet Fairness

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Sat Dec 20 11:47:46 EST 2014

On 12/20/14, 7:29 AM, Mike Burns wrote:
> Hi Seth,
> Thank you for the feedback.
> That is more along the lines of APNIC and RIPE exhaust policy, which
> allows a one-time allocation from their remaining pools. I think there
> are good arguments for that, but I don't see why a one-time limit is
> similarly required for needs-free transfers of addresses already gone
> from the free pool.
> Do you think the one-time limit will provide some protection against
> abuse that would make 2014-14 more palatable to you than the once-per
> year limit?
> Can you describe the abuse that might result from the once-per-year
> option that would be precluded by the once-per-lifetime method?

I don't think abuse is a major concern. There will always be some abuse 
and the NRPM doesn't need to become a 500 page thing of conditions.

I have to admit I'm not familiar with RIPE policy. The "one and done" 
thought is basically a compromise between people that outright oppose 
any transfers without a needs assessment. But the thing is it's been 
happening anyway: companies are contracting use of IP space and are 
either waiting either for an NRPM change to update whois or just using 
it without being able to update whois.

Since this is already happening (whether or not the community as a whole 
accepts it) 2014-14 will have the advantage of allowing whois to become 
more accurate.

I do agree that needs assessments on resources long gone from the free 
pool approaches pointless.

I also think that all of the restrictive rules are what brought us to 
this point, I don't see how making more restrictions will help. At this 
stage those rules should be relaxed. Fortunately some of them have been 
like lowering the minimum to /24 and removing the multihoming 
requirement, for example.

> 2014-14 is still a topic for discussion, and my understanding is that it
> could be modified, so if there is a change that would elicit your
> support, it's good that the shepherds know that.

I support 2014-14 as written.


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