[arin-ppml] Internet Fairness

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
Sat Dec 20 10:29:35 EST 2014

Hi Seth,

Thank you for the feedback.
That is more along the lines of APNIC and RIPE exhaust policy, which allows 
a one-time allocation from their remaining pools. I think there are good 
arguments for that, but I don't see why a one-time limit is similarly 
required for needs-free transfers of addresses already gone from the free 

Do you think the one-time limit will provide some protection against abuse 
that would make 2014-14 more palatable to you than the once-per  year limit?

Can you describe the abuse that might result from the once-per-year option 
that would be precluded by the once-per-lifetime method?

2014-14 is still a topic for discussion, and my understanding is that it 
could be modified, so if there is a change that would elicit your support, 
it's good that the shepherds know that.


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> On 12/19/14, 6:31 PM, Mike Burns wrote:
>> Only a single /16 per year per entity could be received without a needs
>> test.
> I think 2014-14 should be a "one and done" endgame transfer option for 
> IPv4. That is, sure you can transfer up to a /16 without a needs test, but 
> once you've exercised that option you can't do it again.
> ~Seth
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