[arin-ppml] What is Open-IX and why does it matter?

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
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As an AC member I would be very receptive to seeing forwarded emails from OIX (or other trade association lists) that directly comment on specific ARIN policies. I would certainly give them weight in determining community support. A formal statement from the leadership of such an association would of course be more powerful, but I think that a single OIX member acting as an informal liaison by forwarding emails would serve a very useful function.

I understand perfectly why the majority of members of OIX or any other trade association would not want to join a highly specialized mailing list such as PPML. On the other hand, I am aware of the self-selection and narrowing process that can occur on these specialized lists. Therefore I think when people on the PPML bring to our attention relevant views from other communities it is extremely important and useful.


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    We've had this question arise in the past with other trade organizations,
    and have been consistent in its application, whether with regard to address
    policy for individual sectors of ARIN's region or individual technologies such
    as hosting and wireless.   Please feel free to share any recommendations
    from the OIX community that might be germane to address policy, but it is
    also advisable for those who wish to actually participate in the ARIN policy
    development process to do so on the PPML mailing list.

Many that are part of the OIX community have already stated their aversion to joining the noise heavy mailing list in order to comment once or twice a year. As far as trade association inter communications, do you have a written guidance on this supported by the Board? It would be good to clarify exactly how trade organizations should provide input to "ARIN" on behalf of their members and if that will not be valid - in writing. It would likely help to make the case to consider participating in other ways where there is [currently] aversion.

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