[arin-ppml] Access to list of Number Resources with no valid POCs

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Wed Aug 20 14:08:35 EDT 2014

On Aug 20, 2014, at 12:24 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm at ipinc.net> wrote:
> Hi John,
>  Embedded URLs are not really the problem - the problem is
> MIME-encoded email and HTML-encoded email that have the embedded
> URLs.
>  If you are sending clickable URLs out in pure ASCII (text) emails then
> there isn't any problem.  The fact is that many email clients
> when they see URL's in ASCII mail will make them "clickable"  A
> pure text email cannot hide a different URL behind one URL.
>  In an ideal world the URL would not exist in the email, because including it helps to legitimize the practice.
>  But in practicality the most important thing is getting validation
> that the email address is being read by a human being, and the embedded
> URL does accomplish that.  It may also be that the destination email
> address is something like "hostmaster at example.com" and is being forwarded to a recipient who's knee-jerk Reply would be to send the
> reply with a different senders address than what you emailed to. (which
> might complicate parsing the replies)
>  Since your getting significant returns on the clicks then you should
> continue to use them - but my vote would be to ONLY use them in TEXT
> emails.
>  I know that sending pure text emails is out of fashion - since that
> precludes people putting in all kinds of fancy logos and formatting which they believe are necessary to the continuation of the species -
> but us old timers were formatting ASCII-only email since before most
> of the young whippersnappers out there were in diapers. ;-)

Ted - 
  Point taken (and I am a huge fan of plain text email :-)...  I will 
  look into any downsides to this approach and report back to the list.

  Curious, would it help if ARIN pgp-signs the verification message with 
  our hostmaster at arin.net account?  Does this change the requirement for
  plain text email?


John Curran
President and CEO

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