[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-204 Removing Needs Test from Small IPv4

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I think making transfers of already allocated IP's easier,  makes the
free pool last longer.  This decelerates, not accelerates, exhaustion.  
The impact will probably be slight because the buyers, the transferors,
are the medium to little guys, not David's 11 who are getting the vast
majority of the IP's.

Of course, making the free pool last longer could allow companies who
know how to work the current ARIN policy system, get even more  blocks
over the next few months.  You don't know of any large companies that
got a /10 from the free pool lately, do you? 



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Of course you would say that. (Smiley). 

You think it accelerates exhaustion. Trust me, it needs no help. Sit
back and let real stakeholders define our own destiny please. 



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 Not in favor. Post exhaustion perhaps.

To negate Mr. Hannigan's point, 

1) it will not be an abuse vector, as it is only for transfers, not for
requests from the ARIN free pool.

2) There is no need to wait for exhaustion, as transfers are the same
pre as post exhaustion.

If anything removal of needs justification prior to exhaustion will
cause the ARIN free pool to last longer.

Sandra Brown
IPv4 Market Group

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