[arin-ppml] Ip allocation

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Mon Apr 28 23:26:57 EDT 2014

Dual-home with a provider with no term commitment. No matter how painful 
that is, it'll be less painful than a policy change.

Matthew Kaufman

On 4/28/14, 4:33 PM, Derek Calanchini wrote:
> Hello all, I will be brief as possible.  I need assistance with either 
> requesting a policy change or an appeal/exception to current policy.
> I started business in 1995 with 4 Class C's assigned from Integra ( 
> /22 ).  I am a full service IT provider offering pretty much 
> everything but connectivity.  Over the years I have developed my 
> network such that I am using my IP's very efficiently.  Host headers 
> on most web sites, internal IP's whenever possible, and of course 
> certain thing must be static, single IP's on a host.
> I am moving in less then a year to a new office, and taking the 
> opportunity to get on the ATT fiber backbone rather then 4 bonded 
> T-1's from Integra (which is very expensive)  Integra tells me I can 
> not take my IP's with me, and ATT tells me the largest block they will 
> give me is a single class C.
> So I went out to Arin and setup my account and requested a /22 which 
> was denied because the smallest block they will give a single homed 
> ISP is a /20 (4096 ip's)
> I feel like I am being penalized for using my IP's efficiently!! As I 
> see it, I only have one option:  Rework my network so every site I 
> host uses it's own dedicated IP so that I can justify needing a 
> /20...in which case I feel I would be doing the internet community a 
> disservice.
> Can anyone provided feedback on how to better resolve this?  How do I 
> start getting the policy changed?  Is there a process I can go through 
> to get an exemption?  Would excalation my request be of any use?
> With the IP 4 space dwindling, wouldn't it be a better policy to allow 
> small business to get only what they need?
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>  Best regards,
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