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Michael Peddemors michael at linuxmagic.com
Mon Apr 28 19:45:20 EDT 2014

Actually, this is timely, and you probably started at the right place, 
what would be needed though is for someone to write up a draft 
resolution to this affect, to change current policies.

I was just talking to several parties regarding the same issue, and 
while there might have been justification in the past, when routing 
issues were a greater concern than running out of IPv4 space, but given 
the current situation, maybe it is time to rethink this policy.

In the mean time, you are faced in getting two upstream providers to 
route to your prospective /22.  I know, it doesn't make too much sense 
that the small guy should bear the burden of extra costs etc.. for being 
honest about his projected requirements..

Any other support out there for policy changes in this area?

On 14-04-28 04:33 PM, Derek Calanchini wrote:
> Hello all, I will be brief as possible.  I need assistance with either
> requesting a policy change or an appeal/exception to current policy.
> I started business in 1995 with 4 Class C's assigned from Integra ( /22
> ).  I am a full service IT provider offering pretty much everything but
> connectivity.  Over the years I have developed my network such that I am
> using my IP's very efficiently.  Host headers on most web sites,
> internal IP's whenever possible, and of course certain thing must be
> static, single IP's on a host.
> I am moving in less then a year to a new office, and taking the
> opportunity to get on the ATT fiber backbone rather then 4 bonded T-1's
> from Integra (which is very expensive)  Integra tells me I can not take
> my IP's with me, and ATT tells me the largest block they will give me is
> a single class C.
> So I went out to Arin and setup my account and requested a /22 which was
> denied because the smallest block they will give a single homed ISP is a
> /20 (4096 ip's)
> I feel like I am being penalized for using my IP's efficiently!!  As I
> see it, I only have one option:  Rework my network so every site I host
> uses it's own dedicated IP so that I can justify needing a /20...in
> which case I feel I would be doing the internet community a disservice.
> Can anyone provided feedback on how to better resolve this?  How do I
> start getting the policy changed?  Is there a process I can go through
> to get an exemption?  Would excalation my request be of any use?
> With the IP 4 space dwindling, wouldn't it be a better policy to allow
> small business to get only what they need?
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