[arin-ppml] 2-byte and 4-byte ASNs

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Jason -

My responses out-of-order to the questions (ignoring your answers)

2/3:   I would be in support of policy that provided  IANA with direction to equally distribute the remaining 2-byte ASNs to the RIRs.
     Once that has taken place, it can be left to the individual RIR to adapt policy as they see fit.

1:  If my memory serves, current ARIN (operational) policy is to  "Offer 4-byte first, when no preference is given,  and offer a fall-back to 2-byte"
and if that is correct, I see no need to change this policy.


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I wanted to summarize what I heard at the open mic and give the wider community a chance to comment.


1. Is it in the best interest of the Internet for ARIN to give out 2-byte ASNs by default?

Should we use up the 2-byte ASNs, or try to conserve them for those who need them?

2. Should an RIR be forced to burn through 2-byte ASNs in order to qualify to get additional ASNs?

Should an RIR that has used all the 2-byte ASN be prevented from getting more ASNs until their total utilization is higher from giving out more 4-byte ASNs?

3.  There are just under 500 2-byte ASNs left in the IANA pool.  Should the RIRs each get 99 of these?  Or should the next requestor take all of the 2-byte ASNs and the balance of the block of 1024 in four-byte ASNs?

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