[arin-ppml] ARIN-PPML Digest, Vol 106, Issue 8 (Sandra Brown)

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Mon Apr 7 10:17:36 EDT 2014

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> To the extent that the community feels that registry policy should be
> applicable in general to the management of address blocks in the region,
> then the rights afforded to address holders must definitely be a subset of
> what most folks would consider "property rights."  In particular, to the extent

I think the real issue is whether ARIN has any rights claims over number block holders it does not have a contract with. RIPE seems to have foregone any such claims. The sky has not fallen in Europe.

> absent any change in
> direction, ARIN must hold to the position set at its establishment and its in
> foundational documents that all address space in the registry is subject to
> community-develop number resource policy.

Not sure I buy the assertion that these principles were in the foundational documents; why did you need to add this language later? The 'no property rights' language came very late in the day.

> > Perhaps at some point some party with more at stake, will force the
> > property right issue in court,
> That actually could be quite beneficial, as would help in providing further
> certainty regarding the ability of ARIN to maintain the registry per the wishes
> and policies developed by the community.  Parties without any agreement

I think it would be easier for everyone if ARIN would just ease its needs-assessment requirements for transfers. The whole threat of litigation could be dissipated in a week if this happened. 

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