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Agreed. ARIN should be a registry and as such absolutely should be
non-competitive and blind to the market. The registry should not be
configured to support the market. IMHO ARIN should not be participating in
or catering to the market in any form.


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ARIN is a registry, not a regulator. The more you guys want to

build in rules that are anti-competitive and blind to the market

reality, the more inaccurate Whois gets.

Hi David,

you must witness so many inaccurate whois info during those 11 years
working as the Hm in ARIN.   It will be better for you to tell the truth or
to justify your above claim through solid information otherwise this
becomes lack of persuasion.

Upon v4 exhaustion, we should remove needs basis from

transfers, remove the RSA text that makes the signer disclaim

property rights, and motivate registrants to keep Whois accurate

so that network operators can get good information about their


Why  do you think  remove needs test will be enhance  a more accurate whois?

if removed it will be easier for microsoft to buy more IPv4?

Why do you think having a property right will bring out a more accurate

because your employer has bought too many and spend quite a lot and you
want a policy to protect its benefits?

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