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Morizot Timothy S Timothy.S.Morizot at irs.gov
Fri Apr 4 10:45:39 EDT 2014

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> ARIN is a registry, not a regulator.  

You keep saying that, but simply asserting it does not make it reality. ARIN doesn't just register number allocations, it also makes those allocations. It doesn't just blindly register any and every request it receives. Everyone agrees to some form of needs basis when it comes to the free pool. (At the extreme end, everyone agrees it would be unreasonable to allocate the entire free pool, v4 or v6, simply because somebody asked for it.) They also have to ensure that bad actors don't hijack number allocations that are rightfully assigned to others. All of that requires rules (regulations by another name) and enforcing those rules makes ARIN the regulator of them.

You can disagree with the scope and nature of the regulations or with the actions of the regulator to enforce them, but the assertion that ARIN is not a regulator is simply false and will always be false as long as there are any rules at all in place that must be enforced.


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