[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2014-9: Resolve Conflict Between RSA and 8.2 Utilization Requirements

xiaofan yang nikiyangxf at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 19:27:52 EDT 2014

Hi John,

I have further enquiry about ARIN 8.2 process.

Number one:I am also worried about the costs of doing a 8.2 transfer
followed by a 8.3 transfer.  I wonder if I will have to involve the legal
help to deal with ARIN legal.  In my case I bought a company that now is
out of business. How complicated does ARIN make this process?  I want some
assurance that I will be treated equally to any other companies whether it
is  a big company or a small company like us.

Number two:  If we do a 8.2 transfer followed by a 8.3 transfer, will the
stated purpose for our number resources remains the same?? I am afraid of
that ARIN will not approve our transfer.

Number three:  As we have bought the company,  do we have the property
right on those IPs?  in our past agreement and future agreement arranged
for 8.3,  we would like to have some kinds of property right on those IPs,
will that conflict with ARIN policy?


On Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 1:04 PM, John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

> On Apr 1, 2014, at 10:00 PM, xiaofan yang <nikiyangxf at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi John,
> >
> > Thanks for your reply.  So if we do not want to return the address, we
> can have them transferred for sale?
> > and ARIN will not treat our 8.2 transfer as the disguise of  8.3
> transfer  if 8.3 transfer come next after the 8.2 transfer?
> That is correct due to alignment with present policy.  Please work with
> hostmaster at arin.net regarding specific details of the requests.
> Thanks!
> /John
> John Curran
> President and CEO
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