[arin-ppml] APNIC implements AS number transfer policy (including inter-RIR ASN transfers)

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In July 2013, the ARIN AC abandoned draft policy ARIN-2013-1 "Section 8.4
Inter-RIR Transfers of ASNs", because "The feedback from the community
indicated that many people felt the policy was unnecessary as it would have
no effect until/unless another RIR expresses interest in allowing Inter-RIR
ASN transfers as well." -

Per the forwarded message below, that is no longer true: APNIC has
implemented an inter-RIR ASN transfer policy.   If anyone thinks it would
be useful to support such transfers to/from the ARIN region, I would be
happy to work with you on.a new (or simply reintroduced) inter-RIR ASN
transfer policy proposal.

-Scott (speaking only for myself)

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 Transfer of AS Numbers now possible with new APNIC policy

 Today, 16 April 2014, APNIC implemented a change in Autonomous System
Numbers policy which will permit the transfer of AS Numbers between
APNIC account holders. The proposal reached consensus during APNIC 36 in
Xi'An, China in August 2013.

 The policy proposal implemented is:

     - prop-107: AS number transfer policy proposal

       This policy would permit the transfer of Autonomous System Numbers
      (ASNs) within the APNIC region and between regions with compatible
      inter-regional ASN transfer policies.


 No other Regional Internet Registry currently has an inter-RIR ASN
transfer policy that would permit the transfer of ASNs between regions.

 The policy change required edits to two documents. The comment period
for the draft documents incorporating these policies ended on 10 January
2014. The following updated documents are now officially active:

     - Policies for Autonomous System number management in the Asia
      Pacific region
    - APNIC transfer, merger, acquisition, and takeover policy

 For more information on the history of APNIC policy proposals, see the
Policy Proposals page.



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