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On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 4:08 AM, Paul Timmins <ptimmins at clearrate.com> wrote:

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> > > I would NOT support this for the board. ARIN benefits from the board's
> > > continuity.
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> > If you really want change, term limit the Board and forget the AC.
> Do people really WANT change though? I think part of what helps the
> community at large is the predictability of policy w/r/t number allocation.

> A neutral entity controlling allocation uniformly per a generally stable
> policy provides a good regulatory environment for everyone, I'd think.


NRPM stability is a good thing for both network operators and Internet

Also, needed change seems to happen in the current frame work and I see no
indication that "more" change is a good thing without looking at the
specific changes. Which of course leads to the question: Perhaps some of
those advocating for term limits actually seek a very specific change, or
set of changes, that they believe they could achieve by taking over the AC
after booting out those who have repeatedly shown that they will support
the entire community rather than be bowled over by special interests?

Food for thought,

> -Paul
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