[arin-ppml] Subject: ARIN Draft Policy 2014-2 Improved 8.4 Anti-Flip Language

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*Hello community, *

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Subject: Re: [arin-ppml] ARIN Draft Policy 2014-2 Improved 8.4

Anti-Flip Language


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As the author of this proposal, and having encountered the real-world
consequences of existing 8.4 anti-flip language, I support #3 as the
cleanest, simplest approach that best promotes Whois accuracy.

*Can you specify what have you encountered in the real world ? which
finally "inspire" you to write this proposal.  I think your company is so
selfish and what your cared is your own company.  Keep buying ip and
to transfer them into Asia Pacific region; meanwhile drain out of the IPs
from the remained Arin pool. *

ARIN is a registry, not a regulator. Let's write policy that promotes
accuracy in Whois, please.

*As a member of the community,   i consider that you are a hypocrite.
Your so-call  caring about ARIN  accuracy in whois is just an excuse for
you to protect your company's benefit.   *

*Let me expose what your intention behind this proposal, i think the
community deserve the right to see your true face. *

*What you want to do is to help your own company to  easily transfer either
the purchased ip  or the old allocated ip from Arin into the Asia Pacific
region; meanwhile  your company is able to keep squeezing and draining  the
remained free pool of Arin. *

*Your support of #3 will make it easy for your company to transfer ip into
Asia Pacific,    which will create a "the needs of Arin IP badly" image in
the local  ARIN region.   Your purchased /13  from that bankruptcy is the
justification of your company's needs in Arin region. Now you want a policy
to help your company to transfer the "old" and " purchase" ip to Asia
Pacific( you must be a good liar at making your justification to be
approved by Arin), which will not affect your continuing application of big
chunk block from Arin.     *

*The system has already been established to take care of giant baby like
your company  and leave the smaller organisations without chance to have
their deserved ip and suffer.*

*Wake up the community.  Do you want this hypocrite to dry up the free

*I am against this proposal, it will only open the doors for some  players
to drain up the free pool of ARIN quickly. *


David R Huberman

Microsoft Corporation

Senior IT/OPS Program Manager (GFS)

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