[arin-ppml] Statistics request regarding new entrants (was: Re: Stats request)

mcr at sandelman.ca mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Nov 28 09:33:40 EST 2013

Owen DeLong <owen at delong.com> wrote:
    > In my experience there is a wide variance in the diligence of upstreams
    > in processing these returns which ranges from an extreme of not even
    > noticing that the space was returned and only removing it from SWIP or
    > RWHOIS under substantial pressure from the (often now desperate)
    > downstream that long since returned the space to the other extreme of
    > placing it readily into their free pool and allocating almost
    > immediately to new customers with all manners of variation between
    > those two extremes.

    > In my estimation (which is fairly close to a SWAG but based on
    > significant industry experience and conversations with a number of
    > providers over many years), there are far more providers somewhere
    > closer to the extremely inattentive end of the spectrum than the
    > aggressively recycling end of the spectrum.

If upstream tends to ignore, then what's the point of making the downstream
return?    Seriously.

It's in upstream's interest to ignore, as it makes it is easier for them to
qualify for another block if they don't notice they have spare.

So it seems to me that ARIN needs to do an audit on blocks returned to
upstream should upstream ask for more space.  

Maybe there is a lot more space out there available for new entrants than we

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