[arin-ppml] Statistics request regarding new entrants (was: Re: Stats request)

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Wed Nov 27 08:54:29 EST 2013

Thank you for these stats.
Numbers always cause more questions.

John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:
    > 682 assignments 2013 YTD, 584 (86%) to new entrants
    > 10,353 /24s issued in assignments 2013 YTD, 6,475 /24s (63%) to new
    > entrants

I'm understanding the term /24s here to be a gauge of quantity,
I think that most of the /24s were in fact given out in the form of /22s and
/21s and /20s...?

Is it easy to understand how many of the new-entrants asked for IPv6 space?
What is the distribution of allocation sizes new-entrants?
How did they qualify?   I would assume most had demonstrated exhaustion of
PA space they got from their upstream.

After a new-entrant returns their PA space upstream, does ARIN have any
statistics (from delegation records) on what happens to that address space
afterwards?  Does upstream ISP deploy it to new customers? How fast?
Or does upstream ISP tend to use it for internal uses?  Do upstream ISPs keep
it quiet for a cool-down period?

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