[arin-ppml] Bootstrapping new entrants after IPv4 exhaustion

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Nov 25 09:48:40 EST 2013

I think that we should stop trying to optimize or mitigate the IPv4 runout.
New entrants are screwed if their have a plan that requires more than an
IPv4/28 from upstream.

New entrants will need to do IPv6 from the first day, and we should make
getting IPv6 (only) so cheap and simple that a new entrant can get PI IPv6
space for their internal infrastructure at a point where they might not
have an AS or any IPv4.

Let's have them think: how can I do *new innovative service* in native v6,
rather than, "how do I doctor the paperwork convincingly enough so that I can
get some of the last bit of IPv4"

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