[arin-ppml] Bootstrapping new entrants after IPv4 exhaustion

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Nov 22 15:06:23 EST 2013

On Nov 22, 2013, at 11:25 AM, David Farmer <farmer at umn.edu> wrote:

> On 11/22/13, 08:50 , Brandon Ross wrote:
>> On Thu, 21 Nov 2013, Jo Rhett wrote:
>>> I'd like to see some actual documented issues with this. Almost
>>> everyone I know is sitting on large amounts of smaller blocks they can
>>> easily allocate to people. It's the larger (/21 or greater) blocks
>>> which are becoming scarce.
>> What kind of documentation are you looking for?
> I would think an a copy of an email or a letter from the upstream which confirms the upstream can't/won’t provide them address space, for some reason other than they don't think the customer justifies additional address space.

David, I think that would be fine documentation to submit to ARIN under my proposal, but I don’t think it addresses what Jo was asking for.

I believe Jo is asking to see documentation that this is an actual problem that needs solving.

> It is unfair for ARIN to withhold address space because the upstream has address space but won't provide it to the requester for what ever reason.  I think it is reasonable to require some confirming documentation that the upstream is not providing address space.  You can't just "say" your ISP is not providing it.
> However, if an ISP is saying you don’t justify additional address space, then you shouldn’t qualify for address space from ARIN under an exception like this.


> Also, ARIN should be able to refuse if they feel there is collusion between an ISP and a requester.

This is trickier. incorporating how ARIN feels into policy is an interesting concept. Not one I am particularly comfortable with, and, in my experience, neither is ARIN staff.

I will, however, say that the collusion I think you are talking about would basically qualify as fraud and that I believe there is already sufficient policy to deal with situations where ARIN staff suspects that a request is fraudulent.


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