[arin-ppml] fee structure

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sat Mar 30 22:25:09 EDT 2013

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> > Here's a more radical idea:
> > why not scrap the end-user $500 poll tax and let *every* holder or
> > ARIN resources under RSA or LRSA vote?

[Milton L Mueller] An intriguing idea

> We want to make sure that we have an electorate which is actually
> interested in participating in governance of the registry and many end-
> users are not (at least, once they get their address block.) To this
> end, we'll likely always have a nominal fee for membership for end-user,
> but I believe it should be reviewed to see if $500 is the right amount.

[Milton L Mueller] So the end user membership fee is intended to be a payment of "earnest money" to prove that they are really interested? Is the fear that without this speed bump end user members will become "rotten boroughs" whose votes are manipulated by others (who?). Is there a concern that some little organization with a /24 has the same voting power as an ISP with 2 /8s? Should voting power reflect "share" holding the way it does in stock ownership? Just some random thoughts...

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