[arin-ppml] fee structure

Mike Burns mike at nationwideinc.com
Fri Mar 29 12:37:48 EDT 2013

> I consider myself both "well informed" and "interested in participating" 
> but by either measure my vote is precluded unless and until I sign a 
> contract with ARIN legally granting them the authority they already 
> assert.  Heck I practically wrote the ARIN 8.3 section but couldn't even 
> vote on it.

Mike -

  While ARIN does encourage legacy address holders to enter into a
  registration service agreement, you are not required to do so and
  in either case, it does not affect ARIN's authority to operate the
  registry in accordance with the policy developed by the community
  in this region (and a process which you do have the ability to
  participate in in either case.)


Hi John,

Thanks for the reply and sorry my initial post didn't make it to the list.
But to be clear, despite my possession of address rights that preceded 
ARIN's existence, I do not have the right to vote on policy which affects 
the registration of those rights unless and until I cede authority to ARIN 
via a contractual arrangement. Authority which has not been legally tested 
under the most likely circumstance. The real legal test of authority will 
come only when ARIN tries to reissue addresses previously allocated to a 
legacy holder, and is faced with a tortuous interference claim by that 
holder.  Frankly, whatever the war chest size is, I doubt that ARIN will 
ever take that step of revoking and reissuing legacy space, for fear of the 
precedent that would be set.  So absent any evidence that ARIN is actually 
stopping or preventing legacy transactions which do not comply with policy, 
the assertions of ARIN authority over legacy space continue to ring  hollow, 
and Whois accuracy degrades.  Anticipating the response, I will point out 
that negotiating with participants in a bankruptcy auction to cause changes 
to an agreement to bring it into compliance with policy is not what I am 
referring to.

Is the establishment or control of voter rights something addressable 
through a proposed policy change?


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