[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2013-3: Tiny IPv6 Allocations for ISPs

Rob Seastrom ppml at rs.seastrom.com
Thu Mar 28 08:44:19 EDT 2013

Brandon Ross <bross at pobox.com> writes:

> On Thu, 28 Mar 2013, John Curran wrote:
>>  I believe that the "/48 or smaller" line on the pending fee
>>  schedule is incorrect and in the process of being fixed.
> Now that makes all the difference in the world if that were to happen.
>>  The correct number in the series should read "/40 or less"
>>  Once corrected, your ISP colleagues who are in the xx-small
>>  category (with a /22 of IPv4 or less) can would be able to
>>  obtain a corresponding /40 of IPv6 (if the policy proposal
>>  being discussed were adopted) and there would be no charge.
> I very much agree and would be very happy to see that happen.  If it
> does, I would support a change to the policy proposal to move the
> minimum allocation to /40.

+1 - I applaud the changes to make number resources less expensive at
the small ISP end, but will be even happier when the upcoming
"discount for not implementing IPv6" situation is fixed.


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