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There is a current IETF draft to update RFC205.  Since that RFC is near and dear to all of us I thought folks might want the link.


Thanks Cathy!   Let me add some more background -

We've known for quite some time that RFC 2050 (describing the structure of
the Internet Registry system and its initial policies back in days of Jon Postel)
has become rather outdated with time, and yet we did not want it to be made
"historic" without a successor document (due to the various references in the
Internet community)

What was needed is a revised document reflecting just the high-level principles
and agreements for the Internet address registry system.  As an informational
document, such an updated statement of current state of affairs could serve as
a useful successor and replacement for RFC 2050.  I will note that the last time
such an effort was attempted within the IETF (circa 2003), there was some
confusion over whether the goal was documenting "as is" versus "as it should
be", and ultimately did not reach productive conclusion.

So, a few of us (Russ Housley, myself, Geoff Huston, and David Conrad) took
it upon ourselves to draft a suitable replacement document, and we have now
completed the task.   We also took the time to have the draft reviewed by the
execs from the other RIRs, folks in the IAB, IESG, and ISOC, as well as list
of folks who have had strong involvement in the Registry System over the
years (Scott Bradner, Randy Bush, etc.)  The resulting document should be
an accurate representation of the current "as is" state of the Internet Number
Registry System as far as we can determine, including having references
to the agreements defining the structure and primary relationships.

The document is available here:


The announcement of the draft has been posted to the "ietf" mailing list for
further discussion (and more information on the "ietf" list is available here:


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